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There are a number of important symbols that are a part of the Baptismal Ceremony.
One of these is the Baptismal Candle. Light from the Paschal (Easter) Candle will be used to light the Baptismal Candle.

This light symbolises the light of Christ who is the Light of the World. The Baptismal candle reminds us that the light of Christ has entered the child's life; and its flame symbolises the flame of faith which will burn throughout the life of the child.

Usually the father of the child or a godparent will stand by the child and hold this candle. You might ask the priest beforehand whether it is the custom in your parish for the parents to bring their own baptismal candle or whether the parish provides them. If you provide the candle, you can choose either to buy a baptismal candle or to decorate one yourself.

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